Facility Maintenance Certificate Program

If you are the hands-on technician working in an apartment block, a hospital, school or any large facility, this program is for you. This 16-week certificate program prepares the facilities technician to handle multiple HVAC and electrical technical issues in their facility. This program has been designed by industry educators and practitioners associated with the Electric League of Arizona's Education Department.

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For more information and any additional questions about ELA Electrical Education, please contact the Education Department directly at:
Ph. 602-263-0115 or
Email: education@elaz.org


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+ HVAC Curriculum

Course Coverage: The HVAC training will include a comprehensive review of Refrigeration System fundamentals, refrigerants, HVAC Equipment, air movement and measurement, air quality, residential and commercial systems, air & water source heat pumps.
* Refrigeration Theory
* Refrigeration Components
* Introduction to Refrigerants
* Charging & Piping
* A/C Control Systems
* Refrigerators & Freezers
* Residential Systems - Air Conditioning
* Residential Systems - Heat Pumps
* Commercial Systems
* Air Quality & Distribution (Air Flow)
* HVAC Systems Troubleshooting
* Servicing Commercial Systems

+ Electrical Curriculum

Course Coverage: The electrical training will include a comprehensive review of basic electrical fundamentals; practical installation, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting techniques, with an emphasis on electrical safety procedures.
* Concepts of Electricity
* Basic Circuitry
* Commercial & Industrial Buildings Practical AC Circuits
* Commercial & Industrial Practical AC Power Delivery
* Building Systems Control Systems
* Electrical Codes & Standards
* Basic AC/DC Rotating Electrical Machinery
* Variable Frequency Drive Systems
* Electrical Power Quality Commercial & Industrial
* Electrical Troubleshooting
* The Importance of Electrical Safety


  • Institute for Facility Management Education marks 20 years
  • City of Goodyear utilizes local facilities training options.

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    Our Instructors

    Brian Moen

    Brian has been in the electrical industry for over 40 years, starting as an apprentice in 1979, working as a journeyman/foreman after the apprenticeship. He moved from the field into the office in 1992 as an estimator/project manager. Brian owned his own company for 12 years and is currently the Construction Manager at an Electrical, Instrumentation and Control company in the Phoenix area and has a staff of 5 Project Managers and Estimators. He has held his contractors/masters license in 12 states. Brian has taught off and on throughout his career, teaching control classes, Code classes and all years of various apprenticeship programs. He also volunteers and helps adults prepare for the GED.

    Bruce Martz

    Bruce has been in the HVAC-R industry for over 40 years, most of that in Arizona. He has an MBA, and is a licensed Certified Energy Manager as well as a licensed Certified Demand Side Manager. Bruce has work for companies such as York, Trane, "Siemens", ABM, and two local contractors, performing various roles from management, sales, and project management. He has been and is active in several of our local industry Trade Associations. For the past five years, he has also been teaching HVAC-R and Business at Gateway Community College as a Resident Faculty Professor.

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